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HOMEbox Ambient Q300 – 3.0 x 3.0 x 2.0


It’s the biggest HOMEbox grow tent ever! Dedicated to meeting the demands of the most industrious, professional growers, this gargantuan indoor garden will deliver copious amounts of your favourite crops.

Assembled size: 300 x 300 x 200 cm

2 year manufacturer warranty

The PAR+ super reflective lining is exclusive to HOMEbox® tents. No other
grow tent offers PAR+, the key to intensive, super-productive indoor growing.
PAR+ is a “smart material“ that directs more usable light and less heat at your
plants compared with silver-lined grow tents. Growers consistently report
increased yields and higher quality produce when growing in a par-optimised

Our unique, rounded OmniFlow-Airvents give growers an extra level of control
to fine-tune their growing environment. OmniFlow-Airvents are the most easy
to seal passive intakes on the market – no more fussing with Velcro. It allows
growers to actively direct incoming fresh air to exactly where it’s needed –
usually between the plant canopy and the grow light – for maximum benefit
to the crop.

All Ambient and Vista models are fitted with an additional solid tent base as
well as the familiar liner base. This not only provides additional protection
against leaks in the event of over-watering, but, in combination with the
OnmiFlow-Airvent meshes, also prevents uninvited guests getting into the

Create a light-proof seal without the need for additional flaps and Velcro.
Total-Blackout Zippers feature an enhanced HOMEbox® zip-pull. Our
unique design allows all zips to be fully operated using just one hand with no
threadingrequired making getting in and out of your garden easier than ever.

Larger, adjustable air-ports with improved closure to accommodate
ducting from extraction fans up to 250 mm (10”). Larger models in the
HOMEbox® Ambient and Evolution range also feature additional air-ports to
accommodate ducting from air-cooled reflectors.

Our larger tents from Ambient / Evolution (Q100 and larger) and Vista Triangle
come with stronger 22mm frame poles and reinforced connectors and hooks
giving you unlimited possibilities for suspending heavyweight ventilation,
filtration and lighting equipment.